Proceedings of the 26th Oil Shale Symposium

October 16-20, 2006

Colorado School of Mines

Golden Colorado


The Center for Oil Shale Technology, along with the Colorado Energy Research Institute (CERI), the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) and other sponsors hosts the Oil Shale Symposium each year. The Oil Shale Symposium is the premier technical meeting on this resource and Symposium reviews development of oil shale resources worldwide, including research & development, environmental impact analysis, regulatory framework, and project & program status. The program includes both oral and poster presentations. See below finds of the 26th Oil Shale Symposium held in 2006.

26th Colorado Oil Shale Symposium

Monday, October 16th, 2006

Welcoming Remarks, Nigel Middleton Paper
U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) Oil Shale Program, Hugh Guthrie
A Technical, Legal, and Economic Assessment, Philip Smith Abstract Presentation
Oil Shale and the Colorado School of Mines, James H. Gary Abstract Paper

Chinese Oil Shale Activities, Jialin Qian Abstract Paper Presentation

Mature oil shale processing technologies used in Estonia, Jaanus Purga

Abstract Presentation

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

Surface Processing

New developments in oil shale technology, Eduard P. Volkov, Abstract Paper Presentation

A road not traveled: Development of an improved oil shale retort, Larry M. Southwick Abstract Presentation

The comparison of Estonian oil shale thermal treatment processes by BAT criteria, Jüri Soon Abstract Presentation

Heating rate effect on shale oil in a fixed bed reactor, Omar Salim Al-Ayed Abstract Presentation

Health & Environmental Risk

Health and environmental risk analysis for oil shale, Lawrence B. Gratt Abstract Presentation

Overview on combustion and retorting of Estonian oil shale, environmental concerns and solutions, Uuve Kirso Abstract Presentation

Fate of environmentally sensitive elements during oil shale retorting, a review, Thomas Wildeman Abstract Presentation

Lessons learned from the oil shale RD&D environmental assessment, Jack Sosebee Abstract Presentation

In-Situ Processing

Shell's in-situ conversion process for oil shale, Harold Vinegar Abstract Presentation

ExxonMobil’s Electrofrac™ Process for in-situ oil shale conversion, William A. Symington Abstract Paper Presentation

The EGL Oil Shale Process, Paul Lerwick Abstract Paper Presentation

Geothermic fuel cells, Marshall T. Savage Abstract Presentation

Groundwater Control & Management

Groundwater control and management for oil shale recovery, Jerry Rowe

Abstract Presentation

Piceance Basin surface water resource assessment for oil shale development, Cathy J Wilson Abstract Presentation

Can shale oil and water mix? Robert Vagnetti Abstract Presentation

Clastic dikes in the Parachute Creek Member, Terry Gulliver Abstract Paper Presentation

Oil Shale Properties

Oil shales: Their shear story, Jyoti Behura Abstract Presentation

Dielectric properties of oil shale, Jeffery Roberts Abstract Presentation

Geochemical characterization of Moroccan Tarfaya Oil Shale, A. Chakor Alami Abstract Presentation

The origin of sulfur in shale oils, gases and spent matter as decoded by δ34S monitoring and better knowledge gained on various pyrolysis is driven processes, Zeev Aizenshtat Abstract Presentation

Evaluating oil-shale product yields and compositions by hydrous pyrolysis, M. D. Lewan Abstract Presentation

Direct characterization of kerogen: Part 1 - XPS and S-XANES Methods, S. R. Kelemen Abstract Presentation

In-situ oil-shale recovery, carbon capture and storage, and the importance of large projects, S. Julio Friedmann Abstract Presentation

Application of pyrolysis molecular beam mass spectrometer and multivariate analysis to characterize oil shale, Eun-Jae Shin Abstract Presentation


The Role of lake Levels in oil shale distribution, Yuval Bartov Abstract Presentation

The Idaho connection: Drainage capture origin of the Mahogany Zone, Green River Formation, A. R. Carroll Abstract Presentation

The Colorado wedge of the Uinta Basin, Paul A. Petzrick Abstract Presentation

Sedimentary characteristics and origin of oil shale in DaLianhe Formation of Eocene in Dalianhe area, Heilongjiang Province, China, Jiangfeng Du Abstract


Simulation of oil shale retorting using the iCON steady state model, Shahrul Abidin Abstract Paper Presentation

A simulation-based protocol for evaluating various shale processing options, Kyeongseok Oh Abstract Presentation

Evaluation of different in-situ production strategy from oil shale using a general purpose thermal simulator, Chung-Kan Huang Abstract Presentation

Modeling in-situ shale oil retorting, Jack C. Parker Abstract Paper Presentation

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Socioeconomic Impact

Results based management for energy in Jordan with reference to the use of oil shale, Musa Resheida Abstract Paper Presentation

Technical and economic changes since Black Monday, 1982 – their impact upon the shale oil industry, Tom Bruington Abstract Presentation
U.S. Department of Energy Oil Shale Task Force, Willard R. Chappell, Abstract Presentation

Socioeconomic planning for oil shale - a second chance, Doug Jeavons Abstract Presentation

Data Review and Assessment

Oil shale activities at the U.S. Geological Survey, Ronald C. Johnson Abstract Presentation

Oil shale development from the perspective of NETL’s Unconventional Oil Resource Repository, Mark W. Smith Abstract Paper Presentation
Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository Project, 2006, Heather Whitehead Abstract Paper Presentation

Oil shale occurrences in upper Assam Basin , India: An overview, Srinivasan Raju Abstract Presentation


The Elusive Bonanza: oil shale in Colorado - is it possible to "pull the sword from the stone, James R Udall Abstract Presentation

Oil shale: History, incentives, and policy, Anthony Andrews Abstract Presentation
The changing legal landscape for leasing of Federal oil shale resources, Robert W. Randall Abstract Paper Presentation

Socioeconomic tools for oil shale development, Jim Evans Abstract Presentation

Evaluation of Oil Shale Options

The thermal solution route to pipelineable synthetic crude oil, Alexander H Rintoul Abstract Presentation
Comparison of the acceptability of various oil shale processes, Alan K. Burnham Abstract Paper Presentation
Analysis of CO2 Sequestration in the Southwestern U.S., Brian MacPherson

Abstract Presentation
Integration of large scale retorting operations with laboratory testing and analyses, Mark T. Atwood Abstract Paper Presentation

Poster Session

Carbon Storage and Resource Development Potential of the Piceance Basin,

Genevieve Young Abstract

Evaluating oil-shale byproducts of environmental concern by hydrous pyrolysis, R. J. Hill Abstract

Environmental Protection in Oil Shale Processing, Yuri Zhiryakov Abstract Paper

Environmental heritage of oil shale mining in Brazil, Porto Alegre Abstract Poster

Potential environmental problems with oil shale, Tom Barton Abstract Poster

Re-examination of Utah’s oil shale resources: Historical database and new research, Michael D. Vanden Berg Abstract Poster

Analytical homogenized approximation applied to two-phase immiscible flow

Rosangela F. Sviercoski Abstract Poster

The forward and inverse problems in oil shale modeling, Ne-Zheng Sun

Abstract Paper

Fractional differentiation of silicate minerals during oil shale processing: A tool for the prediction of retort temperatures, Glenn M. Mason Abstract Paper Poster

Organic-rich rock conversion, Michele M. Thomas Abstract Poster

The oil shale exploration and development issues in China, Wang Shihui


Resource status and development application strategy of oil shale in Maoming Basin, Zhu Jianwei Abstract Poster

Direct characterization of kerogen: Part 21-NMR methods, Ron Pugmire Abstract

Jordan’s experience in oil shale studies employing different technologies, Munther S. Bsieso Abstract Paper

Moroccan Oil Shale: Research & Development, M. Mohammed BencherifaAbstract Poster

Overview of gas production from Estonian oil shale of kukersite, Vahur Oja

Abstract Poster

Value added products from oil shale, Olubunmi Ogunsola Abstract Paper

PETROSIX oil shale technology learning curve, W. P. Martignoni Abstract Poster

Reexamination (2006) of the multi chamber fluidized-bed patented by the Casali Institute (1992) for bituminous rocks combustion & oil & gas production in view of other suggested processes, Zeev Aizenshtat Abstract Poster

Geological evaluation of the Beypazari oil shale (Miocene, Ankara, Turkey), Ilker Senguleey Abstract

Oil shale depositional mode in China, Rong Liu Abstract Poster

Geological characteristics and economic evaluation of oil shale deposits in Tigray, Ethiopia, Dagnew Girmay Abstract Paper

Oil shale distribution characters in China, Zhaojun Liu Abstract Poster

Indonesian oil shale prospect and resources as an alternative energy, Sukardjo and Hadiyanto Abstract

Oil Shale in Israel, Avihu Burg Abstract Poster