Proceedings of the 27th Oil Shale Symposium

October 15-19, 2007

Colorado School of Mines

Golden Colorado


The Center for Oil Shale Technology, along with the Colorado Energy Research Institute (CERI), the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) and other sponsors hosts the Oil Shale Symposium each year. The Oil Shale Symposium is the premier technical meeting on this resource and Symposium reviews development of oil shale resources worldwide, including research & development, environmental impact analysis, regulatory framework, and project & program status. The program includes both oral and poster presentations. The full proceedings of the 27th Oil Shale Symposium are posted below, with links to individual abstracts, presentations, posters, and papers. Not all authors submitted final papers. Some plenary talks were not accompanied by presentation materials.

27th Colorado Oil Shale Symposium

Monday, October 15th, 2007
Welcoming Plenary & National Programs Plenary

Welcoming Remarks, President Myles W. Scoggins, Colorado School of Mines
Department of Interior Perspective on Oil Shale Development, Foster Wade
Congressional Perspective on Oil Shale , Jared J. Brown Presentation
Re-Establishment of the Oil Shale Association, Gary Aho, Abstract Presentation
One Year's Progress in the Chinese Oil Shale Business, Jialin Qian
, Abstract
Estonian Oilshale Industry Growth 2007-2012: Ongoing Developments and Forecast, Jaanus Purga, Abstract
Jordan's Commercial Oil Shale Exploitation Strategy, Munther Besieso, Abstract Presentation
Oil Shale Occurrences, Grades and Prospects in Israel - Updated Picture,
Tsevi Minster
, Abstract Presentation

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Surface Processing

E.G.L. Oil Shale Project Update, Roger Day, Abstract Presentation
Shell's Freeze Wall Test, Wolfgang Deeg, Abstract
ExxonMobil's Approach to In Situ Co-Development of Oil Shale and Nahcolite, Jesse Yeakel, Abstract Presentation
OSEC'S Utah Oil Shale Project, Gary Aho, Abstract Presentation

Socioeconomic Impact & Policy

Socioeconomic Impacts of a Commercial Oil Shale Operation in the Piceance Basin, Cathy Kay, Abstract Presentation
Administrative and Legislative Update: The Shifting Requirements for Disposition of Federal Oil Shale Resources, Robert Randall, Abstract Presentation
Water and Alternate Energy Development in North America, Paul Petzrick,
Abstract Presentation
Impacts of an Oil Shale Boom on Local School Districts, Gary Pack, Abstract Presentation

In-Situ Processing
Geomechanics of Oil Shale In situ Conversion Process, Sau-Wai Wong, Abstract Presentation
Advantages of In Situ Gas Extraction, Kevin Shurtleff, Abstract

Environmental Impact of In Situ Oil Shale Processing, Milind Deo,
Abstract Presentation
The Coupling of Oil Shale Extraction and Regional Hydrologic Models, George Zyvoloski,
Abstract Presentation

Surface and Ground Water

Addressing Water Quality Impacts of Oil Shale Development - Modern Approaches for an Old Problem, Wendy Harrison, Abstract Presentation
Field Techniques for Quantifying the Vertical Permeability Characteristics of Oil Shales, Michael Day, Abstract Presentation
Leaching Experiments to Evaluate Environmental Impacts of Retorted Oil Shale on Underground Water, Jamal Jaber, Abstract
Groundwater Remediation at an In Situ Oil Shale Test Facility, Green River Basin, Wyoming, James Covell, Abstract Presentation

Surface Processing
A New Improved Process for Processing Oil Shale Ore into Motor Ready Fuel Products, Kent E. Hatfield, Abstract Presentation
A Process Using Heated and Pressurized Hydrogen in a Fluidized Bed to Produce High Grade Synthetic Crude Oil from Oil Shale, Oil Sands and Bitumen, Martin Karpenski, Abstract Presentation
Manufacture of Synthetic Oil and Gas from Natural Low-Grade Mineral Fossil Fuels, Ruslan Salikhov, Abstract Presentation
Oil Shale Processing with Plasma, Todd Foret, Abstract Presentation

Health & Environmental Risk
Retorted Oil Shale in Estonia: An Environmental Audit, Jaan Habicht, Abstract Presentation
Contribution of Major Ions to Toxicity of Oil Shale Leachates to Aquatic Organisms, Joseph Meyer, Abstract Presentation
Summary Oil Shale Environmental Issues and Research Needs Workshop, S. Robert Vagnetti, Abstract Presentation
Petrosix Environmental Management, Henrique Krahenbuhl Porto Alegre, Abstract Presentation

Evaluation of Oil Shale Optionstigraphy

Shale Products - Production, Quality and Market Challenges, Jaanus Purgam, Abstract Presentation
Strategies for Oil Shale Development in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Thomas A. Sladek, Abstract Paper
Time and Cost to Commercialize an Oil Shale Surface Retorting Technology, Richard Sherritt, Abstract Paper Presentation
On the Use of Oil Shale Beyond Production of Oil and Gas, Musa Resheidat, Abstract Paper Presentation

Chemistry & Geochemistry

Analytical Determination of Oil Shale Derived Diesel Fuel, Teresa Alleman, Abstract Presentation
Comparison of Kinetics for Oil Generation from Oil Shale as Determined by Rock-Eval and Hydrous Pyrolysis, Michael Lewan, Abstract Presentation
Characterization of the Late Cretaceous Oil Shale Sequence, Southern Tethys, Negev Israel Inferred from Organic Geochemistry and Stable Isotopes, Aya Schneider-Mor, Abstract Presentation
A New Methodology for Determining Oil Shale Reserves, Cole Nelson, Abstract Presentation

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Geology & Stratigraphy

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Green River Formation - Key to Understanding Controls on Lacustrine Source Rocks, Yuval Bartov, Abstract
Deposition and Diagenesis of Basin-Center Evaporites, Green River Formation, Tim Lowenstein, Abstract Presentation
Mineralogical Layering within the Mahogany Zone of the Green River Formation, Giday WoldeGabriel, Abstract Presentation
Oil Shale Resource in Mae Sot Basin, Thailand, Apiradee Suwannathong, Abstract Paper Presentation

Data Review and Assessment
Obtaining Water Data for Oil Shale Research Using HydroSeek, Brian Gallagher, Abstract Paper Presentation
Regional and Local Scale GIS and Surface/Groundwater Models of the Oil Shale Basins, Paul G Quinn, Abstract Presentation
Risk Assessment of Pillars Stability for Experimental Mining Blocks in Estonian Oil Shale Mines, Sergei Sabanov, Abstract Paper Presentation
Progress on Reassessing Oil Shale of the Green River Formation at the U.S. Geological Survey, Ronald Johnson,
Abstract Presentation

Evaluation of Oil Shale Resources

Utah's Oil Shale Deposits: Stratigraphy and Resource Evaluation, Michael D. Vanden Berg, Abstract Presentation
Production of Oil Shale from the Green River Formation in Utah, Chung-Kan Huang, Abstract Presentation
The Resources of China's Oil Shale and the Prospect of its Exploitation and Utilization, Renhe Liu, Abstract Presentation
Upper Permian Oil Shale Deposits of Northwest China: World's Largest?, Alan Carroll, Abstract Presentation

Variable Activation Energy to Model Oil Shale Pyrolysis Kinetics, Omar Al-Ayed, Abstract Paper Presentation
Oil Shale Pyrolysis Reaction Model by Solving Ordinary Differential Equation Approach, Shahrul Azman Zainal Abidin,
Abstract Paper Presentation
Multiscale Modeling Applied to Fractured Oil Shale Rock, Rosangela Sviercoski,
Abstract Presentation
Multiscale Modeling of Flow and Solute Transport in the Piceance Basin: Development of Efficient Techniques for Representing Rate-limited Mobilization of Potential Groundwater Contaminants, Christophe Frippiat,
Abstract Presentation

Greenhouse Gases & Carbon Sequestration
Estimate of Carbon Dioxide Production for In Situ Production of Shale Oil from the Green River Formation in Western Colorado, Jeremy Boak, AbstractPaper Presentation
Converting Green River Oil Shale to Liquid Fuels with ATP and ICP Technologies: A Life-Cycle Comparison of Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Adam Brandt, Abstract Paper Presentation
India's Energy Future and Carbon Management, Baleshwar Kumar, AbstractPaper Presentation
A Method of Reducing CO2 Emissions from Surface Oil Shale Retorts, Ralph Coates, Abstract Presentation

Oil Shale Properties
Aoustic Signatures and Impedance Microstructure of Oil Shales, Manika Prasad, Abstract Paper Presentation
Unique Mineralogy of Oil Shale from the Piceance Basin, Colorado, Marcus Wigand, Abstract Presentation
Investigation of the Properties of Products of Oil Shale Decomposition through the Bitumen Stage, Juri Soone, Abstract Paper Presentation
Research on Release of Trace Elements on Retorting from Huadian Oil Shale, Wang Qing, Abstract

Wrap-up Plenary - U.S. and World Oil Shale Development
Plenary Session on the Potential for Oil Shale Development in the United States, Anton Dammer, Abstract Presentation
Overview of Emerging Oil Shale Technologies, Presentation
Oil Shale Development Economics, Presentation
Environmental Aspects of CO2 and Water Management, Presentation
Energy Cost of Producing Energy - Why Thermodyamics Tell Us It Is Time for Unconventional Fuels from Oil Shale, Presentation

Poster Session
Updated Developments and Activities in Oil Shale in Jordan, Musa Resheidat, Abstract

Eesti Energia - Refining and Exporting Our Shale Oil Expertise, Harri Mikk Eesti, Abstract Poster

Evolution on Development of Petrochina Company Limited Oil Shale in DaQing, Dewen Zheng, Abstract Paper

Energy Independence for Europe: The Cambrian Alum Shale of Sweden - A Two Fold Energy Resource - Oil And Uranium, Ed Godin, Abstract

Pressure-Assisted Ozonation of Produced Water and Process Water of Oil Shale, Zhixiong Cha, Abstract

Mercury in Oil Shale, Problems and Solutions, Tom Barton, Abstract

SO2 Removal by Using Jordanian Oil Shale Ash, Adnan Al-Harahsheh, Abstract Paper Poster

Neutralization of Highly Alkaline Waste Streams of Estonian Oil Shale Thermal Processing, Jaan Habicht, Abstract Poster

Experimental Combustion Research on Oil Shale and Carbonization Semicoke, Shaohua Li, Abstract Paper

Synthesis of Solid Acid Catalyst from Spent Oil Shale, Jeong-Geol Na, Abstract Poster

Study of Geochemical Characteristics and Genesis of Dalianhe Oil Shale in Heilongjiang Province, Shihui Wang, Abstract Paper

Oil Shale Metallogenic Conditions of Cenozoic Fault Basins in Eastern Northeast of China, Zhaojun Liu, Abstract

Distribution Rules of Oil Shale of Cenozoic Fault Basins in Sequence Stratigraphic Framework in Eastern Northeast of China, Rong Liu, Abstract

Saline Minerals of the Green River Formation in the Green River and Washakie Basins, Wyoming, USA, Glenn Mason, Abstract Paper Poster

Characterization of the Latest Cretaceous Oil Shale Sequence in the Negev, Israel, as Inferred from Foraminifera, Sarit Ashckenazi-Polivoda, AbstractPoster

Oil Shale, Salinity and the Lower Basin States, Cathy Kay, Abstract

Environmental and Water Resources Impacts from Oil Shale Development, David Atkins, Abstract Poster

An Overview of the Water Management Cross-Cut Plan for Commercialization of America’s Unconventional Fuels, Thomas Wood, Abstract Poster

The Oil Shale Association, Gary Aho, Abstract

Zero CO2 Emission Oil Shale Process, Jimmy Jia, Abstract Paper Poster

Early Phase In Situ RF Heating of Oil Shale: Issues and Modeling, Jeffery Roberts, Abstract

Some Perspectives on Various Methods of Oil Shale Extraction, Piceance Basin, Colorado, Glen Miller, Abstract Poster