Yuval Bartov

Research Assistant Professor

Phone: 303-273-3841

Email:  ybartov@mines.edu



Yuval Bartov is a research professor in the Colorado Energy Research Institute at the Colorado School of Mines. His research interests are sequence stratigraphy in lakes, oil shale deposits, basin analysis and paleoclimate reconstruction from lake deposits. One of Yuval’s most important contributions is the lake-level reconstruction techniques, which were used in the Dead Sea (Lake Lisan) and in the Piceance Creek (Green River Lake) basin. His recent research is focused on understanding the controls of oil shale distribution in the Green River Formation. Before coming to Colorado Dr. Bartov received his PH.D from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

  • Bartov, Y., Stein, M., Enzel, Y., Agnon, A., and Reches, Z., 2002, Lake levels and sequence stratigraphy of Lake Lisan, the late Pleistocene precursor of the Dead Sea. Quaternary Research 57(1): 9-21.
  • Bartov, Y., Goldstien, S. L., Stein, M., and Enzel, Y., 2003, Catastrophic arid episodes in the East Mediterranean linked with the North Atlantic Heinrich events. Geology, v. 31(5): 439-442.
  • Bartov, Y. and Sagy, A. (2004) Late Pleistocene extension and Strike-Slip motions in the Dead Sea basin. Geological Magazin v.141, p. 565-572.
  • Bartov, Y. Enzel, Y, Porat, N. Stein, M. The evolution of sedimentary fill in the late Pleistocene Dead Sea basin, Journal of Sedimentary Research (in press).

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