John A Scales
Professor of Physics

Office: Meyer Hall Rm 331
Phone: 303-273-3850


John Scales did his undergraduate and graduate work in physics and worked on large-scale computing and inverse theory at Amoco's Research Center before coming to CSM in 1992. He spent 12 years in the Geophysics Department at CSM before transferring to the Physics Department. About 10 years ago, he made the switch from theory to experiment. He now focuses on experimental condensed matter physics with a special interest in disordered and random materials, mesoscopic phenomena and optical and quasi-optical materials characterization.

Selected Publications

  • Scales, J.A., D. McIntosh, L.D. Carr, V. Freilikher, and Yu. Bliokh, Millimeter wave localization: slow light and enhanced absorption, accepted for publication, Physical Review B.
  • Scales, J.A. and M. Batzle, Millimeter wave characterization of the dielectric properties of oil shales, Applied Physics Letters, 89, 2006.
  • Scales, J.A. and M. Batzle, Millimeter wave spectroscopy of rocks and fluids, 86, Applied Physics Letters, 2006.
  • Zadler, B., A. Gret and J.A. Scales, Spectroscopy versus interferometry: resolving small changes, American Journal of Physics, 73, 837--844, 2005.
  • Malcolm, A., J.A. Scales and B. van Tiggelen, Extracting the Green function from diffuse, equipartitioned waves, Physical Review E, 70, 015601R1-4, 2004.