Colorado enjoys tremendous amounts of fossil and renewable energy resources. What’s more, leading energy research institutes and universities reside here. This combination makes Colorado the only state in the Union that has enormous depth and scope of expertise in both fossil and renewable energy sectors.

To maintain Colorado’s lead in energy-related research and development, the Colorado Legislature established the Colorado Energy Research Institute (CERI) to develop energy-related research and educational programs involving government, industry, universities, and the public. Since July 1, 2004, CERI has worked to identify new energy R&D opportunities by increasing cooperation and communication among these stakeholders. The mission of CERI is to work with its constituents to:

• Ensure that Colorado has adequate energy supplies at a reasonable cost for domestic,
  agricultural, and industrial use
• Facilitate economic development related to the energy industries and technologies
• Lay the groundwork for Colorado to be an international leader in, and source of, energy
  technologies during the next two decades
• Identify and mitigate the environmental impacts of energy development and use in Colorado
  through conservation and clean technologies
• Inform public, legislative, and regulatory bodies as well as working professionals about new
  technologies and their relationship to traditional sources of energy