Extractive Energy

28th Colorado Oil Shale Symposium

Welcoming Plenary
Welcome and Introductions by the President of the Colorado School of Mines, President Myles W. Scoggins

In Situ Processing
Parametric Controls on the Composition of Oil Generated by In Situ Pyrolysis of Oil Shale, William Meurer Paper

In Situ Process Modeling

Heat Conduction Modeling Tools for Screening In Situ Oil Shale Conversion Processes, William A. Symington Paper

Oil Shale Properties
Log Interpretation Parameters Determined by Analysis of Green River Oil Shale Samples: Initial Steps, Michael Herron Paper

General Perspectives on Methods of Oil Shale Extraction and R&D needs, Piceance Basin, Colorado, Glen Miller Paper

Evaluation of Oil Shale Options
General Perspectives on Methods of Oil Shale Extraction and R&D needs, Piceance Basin, Colorado Glen Miller Paper

Processing Alternatives
Past, Present, And Pending Intellectual Property For Heating Oil Shale With Electromagnetic Energy, Dwight Kinze Paper

Socioeconomic & Policy Issues
History of the United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation, Hervey Priddy Paper

Poster Session
Eocene age fossilized filamentous bacteria: New evidence suggesting a bacterial genesis of siderite in the Green River Formation, Wyoming, Glenn Mason Paper

Main Problems in Development and Utilzation of Oil Shale and Status of the Insitu conversion Process Technology In China, Chaohe Fang Paper

27th Colorado Oil Shale Symposium

Evaluation of Oil Shale Optionst
Strategies for Oil Shale Development in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Thomas A. Sladek, Paper
Time and Cost to Commercialize an Oil Shale Surface Retorting Technology, Richard Sherritt, Paper
On the Use of Oil Shale Beyond Production of Oil and Gas, Musa Resheidat, Paper

Geology & Stratigraphy

Oil Shale Resource in Mae Sot Basin, Thailand, Apiradee Suwannathong, Paper

Data Review and Assessment
Obtaining Water Data for Oil Shale Research Using HydroSeek, Brian Gallagher, Paper
Risk Assessment of Pillars Stability for Experimental Mining Blocks in Estonian Oil Shale Mines, Sergei Sabanov, Paper

Variable Activation Energy to Model Oil Shale Pyrolysis Kinetics, Omar Al-Ayed, Paper
Oil Shale Pyrolysis Reaction Model by Solving Ordinary Differential Equation Approach, Shahrul Azman Zainal Abidin,

Greenhouse Gases & Carbon Sequestration
Estimate of Carbon Dioxide Production for In Situ Production of Shale Oil from the Green River Formation in Western Colorado, Jeremy Boak, Paper
Converting Green River Oil Shale to Liquid Fuels with ATP and ICP Technologies: A Life-Cycle Comparison of Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Adam Brandt, Paper
India's Energy Future and Carbon Management, Baleshwar Kumar,Paper

Oil Shale Properties U.S. and World Oil Shale Development
Acoustic Signatures and Impedance Microstructure of Oil Shales, Manika Prasad, Paper
Investigation of the Properties of Products of Oil Shale Decomposition through the Bitumen Stage, Juri Soone, Paper

U.S. and World Oil Shale Development
Evolution on Development of Petrochina Company Limited Oil Shale in DaQing, Dewen Zheng, Paper
SO2 Removal by Using Jordanian Oil Shale Ash, Adnan Al-Harahsheh, Paper
Experimental Combustion Research on Oil Shale and Carbonization Semicoke, Shaohua Li, Paper
Study of Geochemical Characteristics and Genesis of Dalianhe Oil Shale in Heilongjiang Province, Shihui Wang, Paper
Saline Minerals of the Green River Formation in the Green River and Washakie Basins, Wyoming, USA, Glenn Mason, Paper
Zero CO2 Emission Oil Shale Process, Jimmy Jia, Paper

Oil and Gas Economic Impact Study
Oil and Gas Economic Impact Analysis 2007

Coal Bed Methane CO2 Produced Water Treatment

Coalbed Methane Co-produced Water Project Progress Report 5/28/2007
Coalbed Methane Co-produced Water Project Progress Report 10/28/2006
Coalbed Methane Co-produced Water Project Progress Report 5/25/2006
Coalbed Methane Co-produced Water Project Progress Report 10/28/2005

CO2 Sequestration

Carbon Sequestration Executive Summary - The Colorado Climate Change Markets Act  

Challenges and Opportunities for Geological Carbon Sequestration in Colorado

26th Oil Shale Symposium Proceedings

Welcoming Remarks, Nigel Middleton Paper
Oil Shale and the Colorado School of Mines, James H. Gary Paper

Chinese Oil Shale Activities, Jialin Qian Paper

New developments in oil shale technology, Eduard P. Volkov, Paper

ExxonMobil’s Electrofrac™ Process for in-situ oil shale conversion, William A. Symington Paper

The EGL Oil Shale Process, Paul Lerwick Paper

Clastic dikes in the Parachute Creek Member, Terry Gulliver Paper

Simulation of oil shale retorting using the iCON steady state model, Shahrul Abidin Paper

A simulation-based protocol for evaluating various shale processing options, Kyeongseok Oh

Modeling in-situ shale oil retorting, Jack C. Parker Paper

Results based management for energy in Jordan with reference to the use of oil shale, Musa Resheida Paper

Oil shale development from the perspective of NETL’s Unconventional Oil Resource Repository, Mark W. Smith Paper
Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository Project, 2006, Heather Whitehead Paper
The changing legal landscape for leasing of Federal oil shale resources, Robert W. Randall Paper

Comparison of the acceptability of various oil shale processes, Alan K. Burnham Paper
Integration of large scale retorting operations with laboratory testing and analyses, Mark T. Atwood Paper

Environmental Protection in Oil Shale Processing, Yuri Zhiryakov Paper

Environmental heritage of oil shale mining in Brazil, Porto Alegre Abstract Poster

The forward and inverse problems in oil shale modeling, Ne-Zheng Sun Paper

Fractional differentiation of silicate minerals during oil shale processing: A tool for the prediction of retort temperatures, Glenn M. Mason Paper

Jordan’s experience in oil shale studies employing different technologies, Munther S. Bsieso Paper

Value added products from oil shale, Olubunmi Ogunsola Paper

Geological characteristics and economic evaluation of oil shale deposits in Tigray, Ethiopia, Dagnew Girmay Paper

Energy Conversion and Distribution
Large Scale Electrical Energy Storage in Colorado